Educational Empowerment

The strategic pillar of Educational Empowerment focuses on executing and sponsoring programs and initiatives that educate individuals and families in areas of educational development, financial empowerment, and health equity.

DEED recently completed a five-week financial literacy program, Money Mindset Maker: April 3 – May 1, 2024. The program focused on five key areas:

  • Mental mindset as it relates to household finances
  • Managing income and expenses
  • Managing debt
  • Banking
  • Protection

Financial Fortitude Fridays is a four-week financial literacy program running from April 12 – May 31, 2024. This program has both an adult and youth component. The adult track focuses on estate planning, “Leaving a Legacy” and the youth track focuses on “Entrepreneurship.” To learn more about click here

The adult track focuses on:

  • Non-probate transfers and revocable trusts
  • How to avoid probate
  • The importance of wills and power of attorneys
  • Helping loved ones financially after death (life insurance)

The youth track focuses on:

  • Meeting kid entrepreneurs
  • Creating business product/service concepts
  • Making money in business
  • Mini shark tank/presentations
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